Linen Life

Our Linen Life collection is entirely made in West-Flanders, Belgium, known for its flax industry since the Middle Ages. Our fabrics are specially designed, allowing us to create unique lofty textures and durable constructions. Thanks to decades of Belgian knowledge, we are able to bring you high-quality fabrics at all times.

Linen is known to be available in every colour imaginable. Therefore, we are able to offer you a wide range of natural looking textural solids and matching patterns.

T[h]ree collection

The T[h]ree collection is based on unique linen-blends and can be recognised by the names of trees. It combines universal plain and textured fabrics with trendy designs. In order to meet the growing demand for quick deliveries, this collection can be delivered in just three weeks. 


Fabrics are a big part of creating the right atmosphere in any environment. This collection has the focus on all our fabrics that consist of 100% natural fibers. The Naturals in this collection are made up out of cotton, linen or viscose and reflect a high-end and authentic, natural look. Natural fibers are synonymous with lasting durability, exceptional comfort and rich color absorption. All the fabrics in the Naturals collection are 30°C washable.


  • Puccini, Linen Life - Ter Molst
  • Galanti, Linen Life - Ter Molst
  • Timber, Linen Life - Ter Molst
  • Naturals - Ter Molst
  • Naturals - Ter Molst
  • Naturals - Ter Molst
  • Naturals - Ter Molst